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Illustration of a bridge spanning over a flowing stream, symbolising Vibrance Partners' structured approach and methodology to navigating challenges and fostering growth.

 Growth Orienteering
A holistic and modular approach to achieving step change growth

Environment Scan

Using the Strategyzer Environment Scan we help uncover market, industry and macro-economic forces that are likely to impact business models and drive the need for change.

Disruption Risk Assessment

Using the Strategyzer Disruption Risk Assessment we help score the likelihood of business model disruption from existing and future trends.

Terrain Mapping

Using our proprietary Growth Map we help teams assess the difference between their current state and growth ambition and identify which terrains are best suited to closing the growth gap. 

Opportunity Validation

We help validate significant growth opportunities from a customer perspective either prior to investment as part of a due diligence phase.

Portfolio Audit

We help take stock of all current growth initiatives and create an aggregated view of risk and adjusted value to bring clarity around which growth terrains need investment or divestment.

Portfolio Development

We help build a pipeline of new ideas to be tested and the criteria by which they would need to meet to progress to the next stage gate.

Agree The Destination

Align on the where and how of achieving a growth ambition and the obstacles to be overcome

Value Proposition Design

Using the Strategyzer Value Proposition Canvas we help identify customer pains, gains, jobs to be done and design test methodologies to validate product / service market fit.

Business Model Design

We use the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas to help our clients evaluate their existing business model and external environment to identify opportunities to adjust the model to drive growth.

Change Narrative Development

We help our clients connect their growth ambitions and priority growth terrains to their organisational purpose to enable a cohesive and engaging change narrative.

Talent Landscape Design

We use a people centric approach to diagnose the growth barriers within existing people models and help redesign the profiles, recruitment, benefits, incentivisation and development programs.

Ecosystem Design

We help organisations map out the relevant players needed to achieve step change growth, how to create win-win scenarios and the approach and underlying skills needed to maximise collaboration.

Partnership Development

We run programs with our clients critical partners to improve mutual understanding of wants and needs from each party and the partnership model needed to unlock more win-win outcomes.

Chart The Course

Map the pathway to achieving the growth ambition and identify the critical enablers for success.

Leadership Development

The leadership toolkit required to drive growth is distinct depending on the focus growth terrains. We help design tailored growth focused leadership programs at the individual and collective level.

Experience Blueprinting

We use Human Centred Design to craft future state customer journeys and the associated blueprints to connect employees, systems and processes.

Operating Model Redesign

We help clients tailor their operating models for the growth opportunities they are pursuing including governance, processes, capital allocation, people allocation, investment, risk and accountabilities.

Ways of Working Redesign

We help clients embrace a different delivery cadence by shifting mindsets and making use of tools and processes designed to drive transparency, quick decision making, adaptability and value delivery.

Scale Enablement

We help cut through the hype of new technology and identify where disruptive advances such as AI can unlock value across the growth portfolio and the type of partners needed to help make it real.

Portfolio Implementation 

We help organisations at the portfolio level put in place a Growth Office that oversees funding gates, criteria, testing approaches, pipeline processes and coordinates an entire growth program.

Walk The Path

Realise a different future through a customer centric and disciplined approach to implementation.

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